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Aprender inglés de manera autónoma es una oportunidad única para elaborar a tu medida los objetivos que deseas alcanzar sin necesidad de una clase o de una situación educativa más tradicional. Esto no quiere decir, sin embargo, que la experiencia de aprendizaje sea un camino en solitario. Este curso se centra en aspectos múltiples que son relevantes para una experiencia como “auto-aprendiente” de la lengua inglesa y como tal, tiene un enfoque comunicativo y de cooperación.

Technology has found its way into the second language classroom, and it is here to stay. In its introduction as a teaching device, it was believed to possess the ability to improve language learning in and of itself. The outcomes of initial classroom use proved otherwise and a number of teachers and researchers attempted to understand why.
This course focuses on the theoretical tenets of second language acquisition, and how the technology can be laid onto the foundation of sound pedagogical principles. Among other issues, the course will explore the interaction among specific methodological choices for the language classroom and features that are particular to a technology. The course is split into three main areas: a) The use of technology to develop your own language proficiency, b) the use of technology for language classroom teaching and c) the use of technology for language classroom research.